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Mostly referred to as "L. John".
Stern, smart,educated, humorous and sarcastic.

Most are lawyers or successful business men.
Despite amazing success and wealth they heave a propensity to get pooped on randomly by birds flying above them...small mishaps are a guarantee!
Very misunderstood by significant others even though they always mean well.

Good fathers and providers for family
Fond of coin collecting.
Most love gambling.
Unique and eccentric and very COOL, period!
Did you see that lawyer on CNN who won that court case? He was pretty smart, but defiantly no L .John

That guy at the blackjack table is so L. John. Clever & usually wins!

If I needed someone to scare boys away from my teenage daughter, I would put on my L. John face! It scared me man. Back in the day....
by Kirty412 April 28, 2014
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