A unit without wich space travel is just the fevered dream of a mad man.
"This is a normal l unit without wich space travel is just the fevered dream of a mad man."
"It's an important unit."
by Muskrat121 September 5, 2007
luxory unit usally come up in them caddilacs and shoot you
l unit is the biggest baddest gangsta's in the streets of LA and NY
damn man you see the l unit they packin heat
by swag4me December 2, 2006
L-unit is an organized crime unit hailing from lebanon maine. Fully authorized to stomp your ass steal your daughters virginityand kill your wife apon crossing the border.
bank$:im rep%in l-unit
yayo:we shining like mr. clean
by Bank$ October 28, 2005
L-unit is a group of chickenheads or hoes, that are natrualy loud, or ubnoxios.
Yo the L-unit in the back of the theater is buggin.
by RMESBkral February 26, 2006
The only L-unit to date is The Laurence or sydney
by tom Macphail July 5, 2006
A mystical creature with a squishy nose. Often associated with fluffy kittens and carpet.
"Aww look at that l-unit it looks like a kitty."
by romps August 7, 2006
Currently a "hard core gang" hailing from Lebanon, Maine. They wish they could stomp your ass, take your daughter's virginity and kill your wife, but usually are to busy drinking Natty Ice and watching the junebugs fry in the bug zapper. Formally known as the "Rubber Knife Gang"
Look at the L-Units trying to be all thug, you're white boys from the sticks, get over it.
by Surreality Check May 5, 2010