L City = Leppävaara, Lepuski, 02600
Fuck L City
by BMTfkyohood September 13, 2021
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The act of taking so many L's.
I failed my exam, my gf broke up with me and I got fired from my part time job. L City.
by DarknessMyOldFriend January 23, 2019
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1. The city where you go when you take an L (loss) in anything

2. Where the Mayor of L City resides; the municiaplity in which people who lose are permanent citizens

3. Where the taxes are high, crime rate is low, and the L's are juuuuuuuuuust right.

4. Where Charlie Sheen has never visited.
Person 1: "Damn, you heard what happened to Jerome?"

Person 2: "Nah, what happened?"

Person 1: "He thought shit was sweet, tried to see Mike in Back Ops...ended up getting a first class ticket to L City, smh"

Hear ye, hear ye...All hail the Mayor of L City
by Mayor of L City March 4, 2011
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A slang word which basically defines London and areas inside London. Rarely, it is used to define other areas such as Luton or Liverpool.
L-City is the place to be.
by Slang_PHD September 25, 2007
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L-City is the main nickname for London. Simple as that.
Luton Boy: Wassup man, we L-Town people holding it down
London Boy: You keep at it man, i'm repping L-City
by L-City Person March 19, 2006
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