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One of the most most amazing bands to come out of California's deserts. Combining simple riffs, groove laden guitars, powerful vocals, and a sometimes thumping, sometimes gentle rythym section. The bands members went on to join and form other bands (Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu)
by Gustave September 22, 2003
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1. Heavy, fuzzed-out, California desert "stoner" rock.
2. The Godfathers of said "stoner" rock.
3. Highly influential band that only people of discerning taste ever had the pleasure of hearing.
4. Spawned many a band after their dissolution: Fu Manchu, Sloburn, Mondo Generator, Unida, Like Hell, Queens of the Stone Age, to name a VERY few.
Kyuss' music came thundering down upon us like the mighty Thor's hammer.
by Lance January 28, 2004
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Music to press the big red button to.....
I listened to kyuss and ended up getting my groove on.....thank god for claims direct...
by UberTom January 07, 2005
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