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Kyshawns are loving, cute, and bluntly honest people kyshawns are determined and very hard working. They listen to your issues give good advice and farmost are very freaky. If you need anything kyshawn would get it for you out of loving nature and will make it his obligation to make it happen. Kyshawns are usually tall and has this charm to them that can keep anyone around. Kyshawns also do not judge people they give anybody a chance to be accepted in society because kyshawns believe in doing good for the better. If you have a friend, family member or co worker named kyshawn then your in for a good relationship.
Melissa: omg i love your bag who got it for you?
Lia: kyshawn brought it for my birthday it was like $300 i fricken love him omg.
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by Velvet2016 May 15, 2016
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a guy who is very friendly to all,he is not traditionally good-looking but in some cases he is cute if you look hard enough.people usually see him as a nice guy he is not always the first person you would want to pick a fight with even though you would obviously win.he is one of the bestest friends you could have. some take him perverted at times but he is just joking around well most of the time. if you are interested in him you don't have to worry about him being taken because of obvious reasons of course.he is very good at keeping secrets if you ask him not to tell anyone. he is REALLY good at hiding his feelings if he has feelings for you, the only way you will know if he comes upfront with you. Regardless everything that is said here Kyshawn is a very awesome guy if you get to know him.
Wow that guy over there kinda reminds me of Kyshawn.
by zeldalover1113 November 14, 2014
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