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A girl who’s smile lights up a room. She’s super athletic but manages to keep up with school. She can be quite loud at times, but is a great listener. Hard to find a girl with her sense of humor now-a-days. Typically someone with long hair and dark eyes.
“That girl made someone pee themselves from laughing the other day. She’s a real Kylynn.
by KiddoRoonie December 01, 2018
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Kylynn is a Beautiful, amazing girl. She's been through a lot and is mossy at times but she is always there for you and love she everyone. She loves animals, cats especially and dancing. She usually has long brown hair and brown eyes. She loves her family very much. Very shy at first but once you get to know her you won't want to lose her.
Kylynn is awesome, she is an amazing friend.
by Karen B. December 04, 2017
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a girl that is sexy beyound belief; related to "bangin" or "dayumm".

like bubbles and loves ben.

very bubby person, happy, energetic, colorful, and welcoming.
that girl across the street in her bathing suit blowing bubbles by herself, she is such a kylynn.
by xdinosaurxx June 26, 2010
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kylynn’s are very fun and loving. they’re loyal when in a relationship and smile no matter what the situation is. they always find the good and beauty in people. kylynns are amazing friends and girlfriends. they will always make you laugh no matter how sad u are and most importantly kylynns look good no matter what !
boy 1- did u see Kylynns outfit today ?

boy 2- yea!! how does she manage to look good with no makeup, a messy bun, in just a hoodie and leggings with Birkenstocks ?

guy 3- i don’t know man. but i want her so bad.

boy 1- yea but she’s madly in love with her boyfriend
by lalalandxxxxx July 18, 2019
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