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A kwami is the companion to a superhero in the series Miraculous Ladybug. This small creature is used to transform the civilian into their superhero self.
You're such a cute kwami!
No way! You're Ladybug's kwami?!?
by LunarEclipse13 July 23, 2016
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That one guy who is aloof, secretive and sarcastic. Looks like he has a high sex drive and can give awesome cuddles. Loves the boobs. Has magic fingers for cars and the ladies ;)
You're so Kwami when you fix my car like that.
I would totally get kwami on those boobs.
by Elk_ga December 02, 2015
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1.) total loser. suck up. ass kisser.
(referred : Donald Trumps' 'The Apprentice')

2.) booty
1.) dont be such a kwami

2.) Dude still rocking the '96 Jordans. Thats so kwami, yo.
by yourworstnightmare June 20, 2004
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