A small creature that has existed for over thousands of centuries and transforms its owner to a superhero
"Hey, Im a Kwami! I grant you powers"
by winxmemix December 21, 2018
A kwami is the companion to a superhero in the series Miraculous Ladybug. This small creature is used to transform the civilian into their superhero self.
You're such a cute kwami!
No way! You're Ladybug's kwami?!?
by LunarEclipse13 July 23, 2016
That one guy who is aloof, secretive and sarcastic. Looks like he has a high sex drive and can give awesome cuddles. Loves the boobs. Has magic fingers for cars and the ladies ;)
You're so Kwami when you fix my car like that.
I would totally get kwami on those boobs.
by Elk_ga October 13, 2015
A kwami grants a power to their owner after a transformation. They have been around for years and years, for example one of the main kwamis, plagg, was the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs, and still 13 billion years younger than the oldest kwami, Tikki. Kwamis are based off of animals, who give their owners an idea for their superhero name. Take Plagg, as an example. He is based off of a cat, and Adrien Agreste his owner, named himself Cat Noir. Not all superheros named themselves off of their Kwami. Here is a list:
Fox: Rena Rouge
Butterfly: Hawk Moth
Peacock: Mayura
Pig: Daizzi
Snake: Viperion
Im Mullo, your kwami
Magical creatures that lived from many years ago and have a heart except for plagg here are powers



Dusuu-turns people into sentimonsters
Wow what is that kwami
1.) total loser. suck up. ass kisser.
(referred : Donald Trumps' 'The Apprentice')

2.) booty
1.) dont be such a kwami

2.) Dude still rocking the '96 Jordans. Thats so kwami, yo.
by yourworstnightmare June 21, 2004
taking no accountabilty for your actions per kwami kilpatrick ex mayor of detroit
When I flushed the diaper down the toilet it wasnt my fault it plugged up and over flowed, Hence "pulling a kwami" knowing damn well you shouldnt have done that, but did it anyway and took NO accountability
by John Karsen November 28, 2008