Derogatory term for african person fresh off the boat. As in Kunta Kinte, used as a character in such movies as Roots and Coming to America.
Why would he do that? He must be a Kunta.
by RJL November 06, 2004
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An person of African descent. Tall, bald with washboard abs. Willing to make big sacrifices to gain a chance of posperity.
A Nigerian Prince who knows just how precious stability and comfort are and he doesn't take life for granted. Resourceful and very knowledgeable. Also a handyman, able to fix anything around the house. He has a gang of siblings who all look alike. Always surrounds himself with friends and family. He plays arcade games with his bestie Abdi, he teases Abdi all the time because he looks like a feebleminded Jamaican pot head. They're really funny together and their humor brightens anyone's day. Kunta is a true friend who is going places.
Neighbour: Kunta looks like Kunta Kinte, he was the main character in Roots.
by The Unknown Craftsman January 02, 2018
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The stereotypical term pasted on to extremely intelligent college kids. A kunta: a.) Is lazy b.) Does better in life regardless of laziness c.) Rarely attends classes but d.) Still beats the curve. Being a Kunta elevates your social status to a near aristocracy. Everybody around envies how easily you handle life, thus turning the term "Kunta" to a derogatory term to everybody except the kunta him/herself. The following are artistic/intellectual attributes applicable to a kunta: 1.) Mean guitar skills 2.) Excessive knowledge of computers and their workings 3.) Unfathomable communication skills and 4.) Natural talent for any competitive activity in existence.
Dude, quit being such a Kunta... you're making me jealous.
by A fellow Kunta December 13, 2007
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A name for a poor college student who usually bums off of his older roomnmates. A Kunta can often be found lazing around on a computer, or chatting in computer chat rooms. His rent is usually late and he often steps in dog shit.
Man your brother was being such a Kunta today. Let's kick him out of our house.
by AServ December 12, 2007
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A deroggatory name for an overweight kunt"
-There goes Kunta, blobbin down the hall.
by blumf February 08, 2005
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The nappy hairs often found along the edges of an African-American's hairline. On white people they may be referred to as baby hairs. The name is thought to have originated from the historical figure, Kunta Kinte.
Dequan: Damn Bitch! You need to put some gel on them nappy ass Kuntas!

Felicia: I'm not sure if i want to go out tonight. My kuntas are out of control!
by guanzilla March 22, 2015
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