An extremely smart person. Knows nearly everything, and is really 1337. Just an all around awesome person.
I'm a kumori, and I'm 1337.
by NOT bamases January 30, 2008
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Someone who is not making sense because of a lot of typos
Freind A: Hi

Freind B: Hello

Freind A: Ar op

Freind B: What?

Freind A: I seds Wr op

Freind B: Dude stop being a kumori
by Not_A_Kumori February 7, 2021
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Kumori is a super straight woman and claims to Asexual. She's extremely racist and hateful. She supports white people. My little Asexual. I kin Kumori uwu
Kumori is so hot uwu
by Xatteril January 21, 2022
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(Proper noun)

Sounds like an IGN of a Weeb and an AzurLane player in sandy server.

He got no date tomorrow(14/02/20) ay lmao
Kumori: I wonder if they will accept this submission..
also Kumori: uwu
by Kumorin February 13, 2020
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