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The insertion of a person's fingers into another person's anus in an attempt to cause discomfort. The subject of the kugle is most often talking with an adult and must remain straight faced while being kugled. There are four basic kugling techniques.

The one finger hook: One finger is inserted and then pulled back to cause discomfort.

The pistol: Two fingers are inserted and jammed deep inside the rectum.

Poseidon's trident: Three fingers inserted and possibly the most effective.

Satan's Pitchfork: Four fingers inserted.

Kuglers are also encouraged to experiment with other finger positions and methods of insertion.
"Tom kugled me so hard when I was talking to Mr. Webb, I almost broke out laughing."

"My anus still hurts form that kugle you gave me yesterday."
by Darnell C. February 27, 2012
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When someone is so socially inept, awkward, and all around creepy that they must(for everyone's sake) be excluded from all social interaction, contact, or activity. See loser.
I can't believe we had to kugle that kid.

You better stop cockblocking us before we kugle you.
by Reyshak November 29, 2007
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