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It means nature in Urdu , punjabi , and hindi . Usually in the middle of a shit storm , and neigh like donkeys when they laugh . A name for guys and girls. A klutz.
ofcoarse everyone knows her , she's almost a kudrat
by ayni December 11, 2008
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Kudrat is a hilarious friend.She doesn't care what others think most of the time. She's a BOSS ASS BITCH when it comes to people she doesn't like. She's very social. She has best friend who's shes very bias of. She'll fight anyone who's an ass to her or her best friends. She's a girl that's funny and beautiful. Also a Kudrat is pretty upfront.
''Omg did you know bout kudrat''
''Of course i do, everyone does''
by shitmyass February 10, 2019
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