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A person who has successfully achieved the 3 As: Awesomeness, Amazingly talented, and Absolutely beautiful, inside and out.
Dude, where do I even begin describing this beautiful human being! She is smart, beautiful, caring, thoughtful, talented, so incredibly awesome, just perfect in every way! You mean you found KUBRA?!?! :O OMG I DID! I FOUND KUBRA!
by Uno1now April 13, 2015
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a girl with really beautiful eyes and personality. really imaginative and kind.

a person who is really nice to everyone but also a bit angry.
a person's inner beauty.
what kind of a person is she?
she is really kubra. she is really nice but don't do anything to get her mad!
by knowitallgirl1234567 August 23, 2011
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