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The theoretical belief in genius without evidence.
Essentially a faith based structure, the followers of kubilism believe in an ordained level of genius without any evidence of its material worth, effectiveness or even its validity.

A "Kubilist" answer to "why?" may well be "Because, I/he is a genius".

The most devout followers of Kubilism are often those in the presence of a true kubilist and not an actual "genius" themselves. The movement is know to have originated from the Asia-Minor and continues in sects across Europe, most notably Sweden and the Netherlands.
James found his beleif in Kubilism a great comfort when his pesky co workers refused to act on everything he said regardless of his track record of maiming and explosions in the workplace.

As a manager, Sue often turned to Kubilism for inspiration and comfort when giving instructions. This alowed her to instruct without having to provide evidence of knowledge.
by Spudjammer March 30, 2011
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To completely screw something up due to complete lack of knowledge and planning. To make something FUBAR.
We experienced extreme Kubilism during our project and were unable to fix it.
by EuroF March 30, 2011
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