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A boy or a man (usually a man) with the sexual prowess of a lion and the durability of a fucking jackrabbit. Great affinity of pleasuring women multiple times orally and penis-ally. Possesses superior intelligence and smartness, therefore easily attracting the opposite sex (vaginas). Also, more often than not, he's got the look.
Gisele: "Oh my god, he made me orgasm like 28 times last night and lasted for a whole 11 hours."

Heidi: "Wow you just got yourself a Kuber, bitch!"
by Yolo1234567899 February 05, 2014
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The neighbor’s autistic son who tends to stab his friends with a knife. Kubers have bug booty and multiple foreskin files on reddit. Don’t piss off a Kuber because they will slice your foreskin and lick your hairline until it is perfected.
Damn, don’t piss off Kuber. I heard the kid in his history class had his dick cut off and frozen because he called Kuber a queer.
by Yung eggroll December 16, 2019
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