A very sweet person who has an amazing sense of humor . They usually seem to be shy at first but once you get to know him , they never keep quiet and they are a ball of joy . There is never a dull moment when they around . They usually amazing friends and lovers . They usually interact with people starting with the initials T , P, C and J .
That's Kuan , you really should get to know him .
by Wisest WoMan December 11, 2018
Wonderful, Amazing, not a Loser, smart af, hot and mello
by HappydaCat December 26, 2016
Freaking Hot, not very smart Lots of Good Fortune, Name people adore
Kuane is not very smart
by ThatOneGuythatlikesVivles January 8, 2017
I was stuck at dhaula kuan for 2hrs
by auntrim February 10, 2018
So call 'founder' of modern Singapore. Collaborated with the Japanese in WW II to gain power and made out he was hard done by the Malaysian federalists, when in fact he was begging for succession in order to gain power. Rules Singapore with an iron fist, quelling any freedom of thought. Made his own son the prime minister after he abdicated.
Lee Kuan Yew made his own son the prime minister after he abdicated, what we call nepotism, he calls 'creative industry'.
by GohChokTong March 1, 2008