5 definitions by NiggerGid

A penisaurus is a dinosaur that is shaped like a penis, has a big penis, and acts like a penis
"You are such a fucking penisaurus, eat my shit dog"
by NiggerGid January 19, 2018
Small penis individual that has disabilities such as being unable to dunk.
Damn bro, you suck, but at least you are not Zuo Quan
by NiggerGid January 13, 2019
6'12 pure muscle basketball god autocummer. Loves big asses and round boyz. Always win in mahjong and has a very hot sister.
"Hes about to 13 幺!!! CHENG! CHENG! CHENG! CHENG!"
by NiggerGid September 18, 2021
A weak, fragile young virgin lacking muscles all over his body.
"Damn nigga u cant even do a situp, ur just like a sheng jun"
by NiggerGid January 3, 2018