A sex classification, a rare homo sapien identified having sexual interest in a potato or a sc.
I didn't know that you were a kua!
by Definelegitimacy April 25, 2018
Transliteration of the name “阿官”, which means “transvestite” or “transsexual”. Generally used to describe men who are perceived as feminine or homosexual.
Look, its Aquax3x. He is an Ah Kua, how delightful!
by Dev >.< November 1, 2020
Hamsap lou and like to smoke.
Kua is a humsup Lou and always make lame jokes.
by Minimanimon November 24, 2021
A rare type of person who’s unstoppable
Kua is one of one
by Amornsak November 24, 2021
It's a Taigi pronunciation. Taigi is an official language of Taiwan.

Kua-bûn-tiat means mama's boy in Taiwan. Describes a grown up male who is not able to take responsiblity and needs his mother to clean up his mess. Usually happens in matter of puplic relations.
Be a man, Don't be a Kua-bûn-tiat.
by Chucky W May 2, 2020