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Groups of people who eat only Kryptonite for Dinner.
Z:I'm a Kryptonian!

M:You eat Kypton for Dinner?

by Xildra February 19, 2009
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Slang/ - A term used primarily by black men amongst each other to describe black women.

The term derived from the movie Superman in that on earth Superman is seen as something special to be admired and he is loved by people. But back on Krypton he is seen as nothing special and just another Kryptonian.

So, because it is generally felt among many black men that black women see them as nothing special and black women are usually disrespectful to black men, talk down to them or attempt to emasculate them, etc. black men feel like they are regarded as Superman is on Krypton (ie. nothing special)

However, usually when a Black man dates outside his race or leaves the country they are treated like Superman is on earth with much love, respect and admiration.
Person 1 - "Hey, I heard Mark's wife was arguing with im in public again."

Person 2 - "Well, what else do you expect from a Kryptonian bitch?"
by EZRHINO March 24, 2017
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