Making all three outs in the same inning while hitting in softball or baseball.
Oh crap, I pulled a Krouse.
by Gnats June 23, 2010
When a girl is giving you head and she pukes on your dick.
Ew. She pulled a krouse.
by ElyXtc March 4, 2009
German for "with curly hair."
She is a girl Krouse.
by TheBestNurse February 6, 2010
To use social media complaint site to post a slanderous rant about someone else. Then when the over whelming response slams you for being a raging homophobic douchebag, you block them from the conversation, but continue to post comments without others being able to see them.
I was being attacked for calling a woman a liberal feminist bitch on facebook, but I pulled a hidden krouse and can now continue my rants with only those who agree with me.
by Jeremy Dorkman May 9, 2017
The seduction of girls by using your pseudo skills to grab a cheap date. Usually it is applied when you are in desperate need of a girlfriend, and only want a temporary partner.

Synonyms include: player, baller, and man whore.
Look at Greg over there! He's totally using the Krouse Factor on that innocent girl.
by ...Cody B... June 11, 2008