Mythical god of Conan the barbarian. Also used as a verb. Similar to damn or damn-it.
Oh Krom that hurts!
Ahh Krom-it to hell!
by Taco January 18, 2005
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The destiny of all women in Greek mythology: Kidnapped, Raped Or Murdered.
Yo Zeus is looking at Electra again. She's totally gonna be Krommed
by Town of the Red Itch September 02, 2010
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person on RWK who wins poker, so everyone secretly hates
damn it krom won poker again
by thedrsplash2 April 02, 2005
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a man from NYC who picks up CD-R bootlegs from canal street and shows them off as actually finish, final CD's. He is lame and gay I might add.
gay gay im gay! oh sh*t! yo! nothing can hold us down.Except our gay
boyfriends. They can hold us down and anal
us. As gay men,we enjoy being analed.
by DRUGGY April 19, 2005
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Cambodians born raised at tha bottom of vietnam so basically cambodians who speak viet and khmerr. Typical people with the last names of : Thach,Son,Huynh,Kim,Le,Danh,Hang,

Most likely theyre khmer krom or someone in there family is
im khmer krom mangggg !
by BlazinPhillyJawn April 09, 2009
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A large wooden sex toy involving a rubber holster, many strings, a handle, and a BIG ball. You can use it alone or during sex with other people. When using it during sex, it works best with the crazy zebra sex position.
"Daddy have you bought me the Krom Deluxe yet??"
"No babe but I'll go to the HO Depot sex shop tomorrow and we can have some fun then ;))"
by daddydeluxe January 07, 2016
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