The highest grade of marijuana. This term originated in the southern United States, possibly Florida. Synonyms include Kine Bud in New York slang, Nug," or Nuggets, (referring to the tendency of marijuana with a high THC level to be sticky, which causes it to clump together into Nuggets) and Skunk Bud or Skunk Weed (due to the potent odor).

Some experts estimate that there may be as many as 1,000 different breeds of marijuana that could be classified as Krippy, although some of the better known ones include White Widow, Northern Lights, New York White, Acapulco Gold, Jamaican Red, Indica, and Amsterdam.

Lower quality grades of marijuana, in descending order, would include Shwuggets (something between Shwag and Nuggets ) Commercial or mid-grade weed, Shwag (often dryer and containing more stalks and seeds than Krippy or Kine) and, at the bottom of the chart, Dirt Weed or Headache Medicine.
noun: Man, we was smokin’ this Krippy last night. Wow... it was just wall-meltingly good. I had a case of couchlock like you wouldn’t believe. We were buggin...

adjective: Wow, this weed is amazing... it's, like, krippy...
by Nurse Kitten April 29, 2005
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High quality marijuana. Term mostly used in Miami. It's such great quality, however that you probably won't get any of it.
... I never get the krippy. :(
by J_Beiber March 15, 2011
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another word for doughnut used by idiots too lazy to say their S's
Damn, you one krippy creme away from three hundred pounds, fat bitch!
by grandpubaa March 30, 2006
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When all the babys want krippy, krippy, krippy, krippy and all the whores want, kush, kush, kush. (Spanish slang)
You: You want?
Me: krippy
You: i want?
Me: kush
you: And everybody wants?
Me: Krippy krippy krippy kush kush kush
by GDvalentepro October 02, 2017
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a colloquialism used by sketchy people in new england.

It is the street name of specific type of marijuana hybrid that is primarily indica.

The nature of the bud leaves your body feeling it the most.
customer: "aight then lemme get an ounce of the krippy weed and a half of the headies"

Santa claus: (Yelling at elves) GET THE MAN HIS ORDER YOU LAZY IMMIGRANTS!
by zueses left nut January 18, 2010
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