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To have an untimely attack of hot, explosive diarrhea.
Heidi had a Kramer Attack at Wal-mart. Her pants show evidence that she barely made it to the bathroom.
by Elizabeth May 12, 2003
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2 have a dirty bum(not exactly homeless) suddenly show up out of no where, annoy you and your friends, steal cigarette butts from the ashtray, and drink from used beer cans. Also to mooch everything they can ranging from food to weed to toilet paper and then ramble for hours on end talking about nothing but primarily a mixture of gibberish, pothead " ideas", stories that probably never happend especially about awesome or terrible experiences.

2. the appearance of an unwanted guest who doesn't get the hint to leave
dave: hey man, pass me a beer!

randy: sure here ya go man.

matt: dude man! let me short that butt man! gwitch!!

by andy wirf November 22, 2009
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