A karamel shipper (kara zor el and mon el of daxam) who is beyond toxic. while its true some karamel shippers are nice, krams are the ones who attack the actors/actresses and obsess over chris wood and melissa benoists real life relationship.
Krams are at it again saying Imra is a terrible wife and attacking Amy for being Imra!
by none of your concern. October 16, 2019
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a slow and loud piece of hardware from India programmed to multi-task (pimp it up)
"That KRAM got 2 programs runnin in loops!"
by ctrl+Z June 25, 2003
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1. (Proper Noun)
A beautiful Asian man who aims to spread joy through his rap songs. He smokes bananas in his spare time and drinks a lot of water which is disguised as Gatorade. He has the tendency to do the dab whenever he coughs because he's just that cool. Being the one and only king, kraM posts stickers with his name on it wherever he goes.

2. (Adjective)
To be super cool to onlookers even though you feel really stupid.
Ex. (Proper Noun)
Guy 1: "Hey man, have you listened to King kraM's new hot single 'no real friendz'?"
Guy 2: "Hell yeah man it was swaggo."

Ex. (Adjective)
Guy 1: "Yo bruh you did so well on that presentation!!!"
Guy 2: "Oh really? I thought it was pretty bad. I guess it was just really King kraM."
by ImaCrab May 30, 2016
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a slang term for pizza from heath/bobcat origin.
lets order some Indian Kram
by mjryan06 February 9, 2010
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if you found this your desprite get a girl/ boy friend
look it kram man band
by return to monke March 3, 2022
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