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A commonly nice and quiet person. Sometimes naive ,but she treats everyone fairly. She is sweet and is friendly to everyone. She always wears a bright smile on her face even when she is down. She puts others happiness before her own.
Oh look Kourtnee is over there.
by Sweetkitten May 25, 2017
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Usually a stoner, she gets her kicks off of getting high in the school parking lot. Usually you will see her with either a Dylan or a Thomas and she will always have either a beer can or a blunt in her right hand!
Maria: Did you see that girl over there with Dylan?
Marissa: Yea she is soooo a Kourtnee
by Awesome haha October 05, 2011
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Most commonly outgoing and loud but shy when it comes to one on one with another person, typically a stoner and very intelligent. Dresses in anything ranging from skinny jeans to band tee's, colorful hair is a must, may or may not have piercings and tattoos, commonly labelled "scene" or "emo"
Girl 1: Oh my god, look at that Kourtnee over there.
Girl 2: You can totally tell she's a Kourtnee, just look at her bloodshot eyes.
by Jackie Que August 02, 2011
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