A gentle, beautiful, and highly dangerous woman. Someone who is soft but strikes with terrifying precision. Never around but always there to fix shit. Ominous, as if they could talk to spiders. Big mom energy, everyone either loves them or fears them. Highly likely to be a closet arsonist and a torture artist.
-Man the school bully's locker was just set on fire, did a Kotone finally come?
-Damn I want to meet her.

-Why are you not talking to Kotone? She's such a caring person. She baked me cookies.

-Sorry man, Kotone used to strangle me in a jiu jitsu chokehold in the parking lot for making my mom worry. I can't meet her without getting cold sweat.
by xXx_scarletdevilsuccubus_xXx November 26, 2020
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