1. The Jewish Mafia

2. Lead by Jachim "Dewey" Horowitz
On the PA at Newark International Airport: "Welcome to New Jersey, home of the Kosher Nostra"
by Raised by a cup of coffee April 14, 2004
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The close knit association of Jews in the various professions who assist other Jews navigate their various industries, often doing the work for free or extremely reduced cost.
1. There was a two year wait list to get my kid to see a pediatric neurologist so I hit up The Kosher Nostra and we now have an appointment next week.

2. I haven’t file my taxes in five years, I’m getting a visit from the IRS, I need an accountant and an tax lawyer, my Rabbi said that he would contact the Kosher Nostra on my behalf to arrange people to help me.
by Br4z3nBull October 11, 2021
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