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Korynn is a universal word for cool, spontaneous, nice, kind, and gorgeous.

Everyone likes a korynn and envy's they're natural like-ability.

Korynns are known for their charming behavior and breathtaking beauty.

They're also known for their ability to be sympathetic and a very good listener.

Korynn's are the funniest people you will ever meet they always have a smile on their face and is always happy.
" I wish you were more like a korynn"
by jamilin March 06, 2013
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Korynn is a very beautiful girl who usually has brown eyes and very thick hair. Her body is outstanding including her ass! Korynn is always laughing and smiling she rarely tells anyone who she likes or cares for but when she does the whole world knows. She always falls for the guy with the biggest smile with out even talking to him! Korynn is a fun and cool person to be around, just don't tick her off she'll kick your butt!
Guy 1; Korynn is so attractive! I just want her to have my babies

Guy 2; I call her!

Guy 1; no fair!
by oooo a sexy beast June 03, 2014
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Beautiful beyond belief. Knows her way around makeup but doesn't use it to an extreme. An amazing friend who will never fail to make you smile. Is able to keep secrets and even has a few herself. Quite most of the time until you become friends with her then you can't get her to stop talking. Adventurous with a bit of mystery. Loves nicknames and having close friendships. Best feature would be her eyes
"Did you see the new girl korynn? She's awfully quite" "Yeah but isn't she stunning"
by UGHHH honestly October 04, 2017
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a slutty lesbian that says she likes guys but really likes and makes out with girls. shes obsesed with herself and like to show her butt. ALOT.
"Look at that korynn, shes all over my girlfriend," said the boy.
by dylan and cameron August 17, 2007
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