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Pretty, Cute, Beautiful and Kind. Very down to earth. Greatest girlfriend ever. Very motherly-like, pretty name, and pretty face. Won't be disappointed. Sometimes can have flaws, but just kiss it out in the end. Amazing and wonderful girl you can not forget. Only if you get to know her better, she will always be on your mind, 24/7. She will be loved. No matter what. She is also so fun to be around, and makes everything that was depressing, brighter and more fun! Very fun to be around. 100% Try to not annoying her too much though, doesn't like annoying ass people that will purposely annoy you.
Korianna, You're amazing. If anyone doesn't see that, they're blind.
by Jason109 November 12, 2017
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The most amazing and wonderful roommate in the world. Makes and eats lots of candy. Loves shoes. Very generous and kind to everyone especially when it comes to making us yummy treats.
My roommate is so Korianna!
by December 27, 2009
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