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usually a girl name, in this case it will be.. if you are a korbyn you are the funniest person alive, try going around them and not even cracking a smile! you also grow to love her parents as well!! (because they are funny too!) sometimes her humor will rub off on you which is a good thing! she is always smiling and has gone through bad times but she always can make you happy!
(talking to korbyn)
2 seconds later...
(ps, i luv my bff korbyn 2 death)
by CynthiaMH November 03, 2008
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Tends to dick ride people named jay, have an extremely small penis. It is believed it is a magnet of dick riding
Dude 1- omg stop korbyning
Dude 2- I can't help it i'm a 'korbyn'
by Dmnnnnnn May 01, 2019
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A very hot funny guy, every girl has a chrush on if you want to be someone you want be Korbyn
Hi Korbyn!
by Worbizov February 23, 2018
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A very very very hot funny guy, that every girl fingers her self for
Korbyn is awesome
by poiyr December 10, 2018
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Korbyn doesnt has a gender for the name, they are a mature and respectful person who can be an amazing friend once you've broken them out of thier shell. Korbyn's have big plans for life and are always up for a challenge, you will never meet a Korbyn you dont want to be around again, they are amazong kind and giving partners weather it be dating or friendship Korbyn's have a great talent for always making you feel number one and loved.
Person: I've had a hard day...
Korbyn: It's alright I'm here...
by T.VStar December 06, 2018
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Man with long hair hangs with people who are short and run there mouth always needs work done to his truck and srews people that name s start with s and end with a a true cowboy and love by all when he is not dip he is kissen
Korbyan is hot but dips but cant come to my house cuz his truck need stuff all the time look at that dude he must be a korbyn
by Roy donlad December 07, 2016
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a whiny girl that thinks all her problems are the end of the wold
OMG! he hasnt texted me today! he must hate me!
Thats a korbyn
by jerry white January 09, 2009
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