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A disease which main symptoms are smelling bad, not being MLG and saying,"What the brown?" involuntarily.
Guy #1:"So, my doctor told me I have a nasty case of Kootra."
Guy #2:"Stay the fuck away from me, I don't want your Kootra!"
by UberHaxorNova February 10, 2011
A person who is MLG and has the special talent to hyperventilate "MLG Style" This MLG person usually has a possy and they create comedical adventures. Kootras must also love cats and have a stench that is as stinky that it can be smelt across a football field or a minecraft beta hole
That person is such a Kootra, I want to sniff them and drop to the floor like a MLG
by Sqoshio February 18, 2011
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