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Kooker, noun: a kooker is a an object of extreme affection. Not a term to be used lightly. Can be applied to a gf or a bf but only if they're unicorn-status magical creatures. A kooker always tries to do right by you. Can be shortened into "Cooky" as in The Beastie Boys' Cookypuss--"let me order one then, let me get one...anytime, just like, now, and shit."
That Dora is a real Kooker: not only did she make the end of the night beer run after the keg went dry, but she also stayed to help me clean up after everyone else went home.
by Fetish2013 May 11, 2013
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Getting ones ball sack caught in a bicycle chain while riding
That was one bad ass kooker.
by Joe Donkey August 28, 2003
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I only made up this word because I had nothing to rhyme with hookers.
This phrase is kinda like bitches get stiches, but instead of bitches it's hookers and a kooker is kinda like a band -aid except it's one of those really big ones that cover the face of your fist.
Hey Ivy, guess what?
Hey Austin, What?
Hookers get kookers!
yeah, like band-aids.
ohh, austin your a complete genious.
by TripprinPills December 22, 2008
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