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Kolapo's are generally cool people. They're always nice and can always make you laugh. Laid-back and chill. Never takes things too seriously and always makes things humorous, but still has a nice, soft side. There's pretty much nothing bad about a Kolapo!
Person 1: "Hey, what's your name?"
Kolapo: "Kolapo!"
Person 1: "SWEET! I know we'll be tight, dawg."
by heyyyitsemilyyy November 03, 2011
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Kolapo is a boy who plays with everyone and not anyone,he is a fist class flirty and doesn't give a fuck about anyone or anything said about him...but he is a lovely guy if you actually know him
He has got the cash dats why he is kolapo
by Kollypaks August 10, 2019
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