Kodie has a long Shlong and wrecks up dat pussy
Omg kodie totally made me limp last night...Get yourself a kodie
by Alyssaxtaylor January 10, 2018
She's sweet, caring and has beautiful blue eyes. Any guy would be lucky to have her:) she is great in every aspect of every way. she is a great person but an even better friend.
Kodie is beautiful in every way
by CodyWyattWarrior February 8, 2013
A beautiful girl who has a fantastic personality and makes a certain guy very very happy. One of the main components in an amazing relationship that is like a circle, because it never ends. Without this independent girl, the dependent, or other half of the relationship, would shrivel up and die. The end.
1. David Loves Kodie.

2. Kodie, you make me so happy. :)
by Yeah, This Just Happened. ;) August 18, 2011
Very very rare. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. All the time. The most gorgeous guy I've ever seen. The best boyfriend in the whole world. A huge sweetie, very loving. Dark hair/eyes. Big feet. Big hands :D Big uhm, nvm. He knows how to treat a girl. Very respectful & kind. Everybody loves him. Waaay way too nice. Very good with little kids. Gonna make a good daddy someday (: nice ass. Tall dark & handsome. Good style. Flawless. And my kind of perfect <3 he's my edward ! & i'm his bella.
Kodie is my boy toy :D
by ♥love, you're girlfriend. ♥ February 15, 2010
A female that has a group of pre-pubescent 12 year old runescape playing nerd boys in the grasp of her hand. She tends to grope their nuts over the internet while they follow her every word and command. Symptoms of being a Kodie Follower include speaking with such accents that cause you to type the word "Don't" as "Dun." Many phrases used by the kodie kult are "Dun Hate", "Y hate", and the infamous "U drank 2 much haterade today." Kodie also allegedly admits she is a spoiled cuntfuck who refuses to get a job because her parents have loads of money. Kodie Kult followers fail to realize she has a penis. Pinkpanzy3 is Kodie's first disciple, and attempts to spread word of her whoren- I mean greatness. Followers of Kodie will never see a vagina.
Kodie: Give me all your money in rs, I require it.
Legions of Followers: Yes kodie. (Maybe we'll see her foot if we do this!!)
Anonymous: Lol bitch be stealing your monies.
Legions: DUN HATE.
Kodie: Ya dun hate.
Anonymous: What the hell, did you all suffer a stroke and you can't say "don't?"
Pinkpanzy3: U drank 2 much haterade today!!
by Pinkpanzy3 May 16, 2008
Hot guy that is a pimp.
Kodie has 6 girlfriends because he is a pimp.
by Chele January 11, 2004