The true meaning of this word is warrior. Those who get this AWESOME word as their name are cool, crazy, fun people.
Ku ikaika na koa.......the warriors stand strong.
by yuknome December 28, 2010
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sexiest man alive, will prb steal yo hoe in o.25 seconds
damn he just koa"d him
by kwibbis November 28, 2019
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A fit boy.Who is called Koa. He is also tall and cute.
Wow! He’s a Koa
by Tielerthecreat0r May 27, 2019
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A sweet and nice guy. His name means warrior which means he'll protect you. He has Black hair with GORGEOUS Brown eyes that make you think "OH WOW He's CUTE!" He's like the perfect boyfriend! He'll kiss you and make you feel loved(:
He can be a weird at times, but he's a real funny guy once you get to know him(:
Girl #1: OMGEE HIS EYES ARE SOO GORGEOUS! He must be a Koa!
Girl #2: Oh wow! Any girl would be lucky to be with a guy like him...
Girlfriend: Oh HELL YEAH! Dat's My Guy right there(; <3
by Yubshee May 18, 2012
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Handsome, Brown, Kissed by the Gods. Loyal and stands up for himself. It takes a lot to make him mad. He always looks happy even when things are going wrong. He's the type to help an old lady get her cat out of a tree. When he smiles, he lights up the whole room. It's even better when he laughs, you can never get enough! He is filled with love and kindness and there's never a day where he doesn't share that with everyone around him. He finds the good in each day. So, if you have a Koa in your life, make sure to keep him close and to always show him that you care as much as he cares for you.
Friend 1: Koa looks so good today!
Friend 2: He always looks good!
by Chores@Home July 23, 2018
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She is a really kind person ♡
She has a very big heart but some may take it for granted.
Once you have her,she'll love you till death.
But she can be very sarcastic at times.
If there is anyone you dont like and Koa she's them being disrespectful to you,she will hunt them down to get rid of them so they'll stop hurting you.
But if you think about it,Koa can take in so much pain..but she will open up ig she trusts you enough..she is like an onion.
Kid 1 :"I love you Koa:
Koa" Awee I love me too" :)
Kid 1 : "..."

Girl1: "Ew,did you see what she was wearing?"
Girl 2: "OMG yes it was fucking ugly "
Koa *mocking them* ""OMG YES""
"Listen you little piece of shit,shut your damn mouth before I shut it for you.And you!LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE WEARING HUN'! Did you get dressed in someone's house again?Fucking slut"
Girl 3:"Koa,that was a little too much.."
Girl 1: "listen to your ratchet ass friend koa"
*Koa ends up in jail*
by Damn Alan March 3, 2019
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