go to sleep, Koa >:(
Koa you seriously need to go to sleep stop staying awake for your little Broccy boy
by Jaejaethegaegae May 30, 2021
Koa is someone you can always trust and hes pretty chill. Koa is smoking hot and absolutely sexy. My friend is koa and I love him, he knows but hes so chill. He's so funny.
My friend: Koa Kaylee likes you. Koa: ,,0.0,, Friend: its true! Koa: Ok
by Lover Of Koa March 22, 2021
our king. the original kaeya kinnie. they are funny and very awesome. simp for diluc...abnormally... dilucftw...
koa#5428 is a major diluc simp
by conets February 28, 2022