Term for the vagina of a woman who engages in canine bestiality. The “knot” is the swollen bulb at the base of a stud dog’s penis when it’s inside the vagina.
Man, that dog sure plowed that chick’s knothole!
by Nightmare 54 October 27, 2021
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This is the aftermath of consuming to many hot wings or other said hot foods.It is the day after snydrome of taking a dump and it feels like your asshole is on fire.The term can also be used to describe some fagot.
Wow those hot wings I ate last nite just gave me a flaming knothole.
by car tv February 27, 2010
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feeling and looking like shit when you are sick, hung-over, or got the crapped kicked out of you
shit man, you look like you got dragged nut first through a knothole
by jr December 12, 2004
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