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A person that is completely useless and a waste of space. Cannot be trusted to carry out any task without killing them self's or others around them And lies about everything they do on a day to day basis.
-That new bloke that started last week is a proper fucking knapper.

- Well that was a knapper move you tool. It's broke now.
by Lord-snek June 14, 2018
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an individual who mines flint to make arrow heads. to knapp is to harvest the flint, a knapper is a person in this profession
knapp, knapper
by kitty89 September 21, 2010
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One who has the potential to kidnap, particularly an older man who is in love with his bus.
Knapper: "Be careful with her, she's an old one"

Ashley: "Dude, we're about to get knapped!"
by Nezumi the Rat November 12, 2017
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