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A beautiful girl, is funny,caring and really nice but not one to be fucked with. Especially when it comes to the people she loves. Shes very strong and independent. She keeps it 100 percent real. It also helps that she has a big ol ghetto booty. Her rack aint bad either. Everyone likes being around her and once you meet her theres no way your ever gonna forget her. Classy and the farthest thing from a slut. Shes very open minded and non judgemental. Also great in bed.

If you meet a Klaryssa you should hold on to her because girls like her only come around once in a lifetime. Cherish every moment with her. Dont let her go and dont take her kindness for weakness. Once you hurt her she may forgive you but she will never forget. One of those girls your family and your friends will love. Basically the perfect girl.

I love you Klaryssa.
That girl Klaryssa is damn amazing.
by Klareeee July 23, 2011
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