Located in southern Oregon.
The anus of Oregon.

A city where you can use your heater and air conditioning in one day.

It snows anytime between the months of November and May.

Gets hotter than Hell in July and August.

3 seasons; Winter, Rain, and Construction.

A place where damn Californians move to because they don't know any better.

A place where EVERYONE is conservative and if you try to take our guns away or mess with our water rights bad things happen.

Home to the OIT Hustlin' Owls. Basketball Champs!!!
Welcome to Klamath Falls, we don't want you here, please leave.
by Dani89 April 16, 2008
A city ,in south central Oregon, home to a vast array of mostly, unemployed, white trash. The town boasts the highest per capita population of baby daddies and baby mommas west of the Mississippi. The local mottos are "If I don't work, I can't get fired." and "More kids, more welfare, 'nuff said."
Your acting like you live in Klamath Falls. Quit looking for handouts.
by bighoss March 14, 2010
The armpit of Oregon, a total shit stain of a town. Population 40,000... but why the fuck would that many people want to live there? Otherwise known as the Dirty Klam, (due to the filthy white trash, and disgusting majority of obese men, women, and children, and the meth head infestation in town) and also known as Klam-Meth Falls, ('nuff said). Home to a few 12 step treatment centers, (because there's nothing to do here except drugs) Oregon Tech, (the highlight of town), and a few famous stinky hobos, such as Wolverine, and Panda Bear. Natives of Klamath Falls seem to be the most fucking brain dead, ignorant people you will ever meet. There is also a good chunk of white boys who try to act black thinking they are hard. Go ahead and challenge one of them to a fight, they will run like little pussies when the real thing is about to start anyways. There are plenty of teen moms, and illegitimate children in Klamath Falls. This is due to the fact that some are too fucking stupid to know what a condom is, or they spent that condom money on drugs. other common excuses for having children include: they couldn't afford birth control, and I dont believe in abortions. Well way to go ya fuckin retard because now you're barely paying any attention to the kid you are supposed to raise and ruining his or her life so you can go and smoke meth, teach them to smoke meth, steal, teach them to steal, or stab someone.
Most women in this town usually have more children than missing teeth, (which is a ridiculous amount), and the tweakers! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!
Klamath falls is a fucking disgrace
welcome to the dirty klam bitch.
Hey Klamath Falls inhabitants, I'm gonna ask you to do something neither physically nor anatomically possible: GO FUCK YOURSELVES!
come on down and visit klamath falls, where the house prices are cheap because its a shitty fuckin' place to live or visit. Come see klamath lake which is basically a giant toilet covered in algae!
by Jasonic January 11, 2013
The true gateway to Crater Lake (suck it, Roseburg). Crater Lake’s mermaid-kissed sapphire waters will touch your soul. Crater Lake is the only National Park in Oregon and North America’s deepest lake. You wanna go deep, don’t you?

Air quality is nice until some ‘simply better’ Californian decides to have a gender reveal party that sets the entire West Coast on fire. Do like the Modocs; head underground and explore 100’s of naturally air conditioned lava caves straddling the Oregon border.

It's Bend before being bent over by Portlandia. North Face, Stetson, Wrangler, Patagonia, and Carharrt are welcome here. K. Falls boasts a pioneer culture of bootstrappers, hard-working families and Jeffersonian secessionists escaping Salem’s elite. Supposedly incompatible sub cultures creating a queso-American style melting pot. Smoldering; like an Oregon forest in the summer.

Speaking of good ole ‘Merica, the bald eagle lives here. Pelicans, Tits, and Herons to name a few. We’re talking birds of the Pacific Flyway ;)

Klamath isn’t just for outdoor enthusiasts, cowboys, and bird watchers. Oregon’s premier polytechnic university, Oregon Tech, is a solar powered campus with the first ever renewable energy degree in the country. Klamath’s 300 days of sunshine are the Anit-SAD of Portland’s rain.

Welcome to Klamath Falls, we’re kinda cultish here. Please leave; or go deep on our natural beauty, historical significance and generally cool vibe.
I went balls deep in Klamath Falls for a week and loved it.

I got accepted to OIT, now I'm gonna live in Klamath Falls?
by Minted Millions July 25, 2022