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A kja is usually a female who is a hot mess throughout the day. In the morning she will most likely yell as soon as she gets up, and at night she will jump on stripper poles and strutt her stuff.

She does not practice infantile behavior, but most definitely farts and drools.

She has a fantastic weave, "dat cost WAY too much fo ya'll to be talkin shit. ok?"

Above all, a kja is loved.
Person 1: I woke up late, noticed I peed my bed, couldn't shower, my weave was all crooked, they didn't have my radioactive juice at lunch, i was around a bunch of out of pocket infantile fools, I accidentally kissed a pirate and winnie the pooh, and then my weave fell off and landed in the lagoon.

Person 2: Wow, you pulled a Kja today.
by michelob and aids March 24, 2009
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