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The most stubborn yet amazing girl you will ever meet, she is truly unique and outgoing and she is a loya friend. She is beautiful even though she doesn't know it and she's a lowkey freak. And when I say freak I mean FREAK.
by jamlli April 16, 2015
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a hot booty shakin pimpin ass biatch, she is asian but who caressss!!! she is da most rootable chick you'll ever meet!!
damn that girl is such a kiyomi!
by KIRSTYBACK September 28, 2008
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A girl who when ever she walks into your sight your stomach just plummets and you think "Oh shit. shes here" she never stops talking and has this really high pitched voice.
"Dude. Stop being such a kiyomi!"

"What the fuck? Way to be a kiyomi!"
by bobbaisbomb February 11, 2010
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