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Kismesissitude involves both mutual hate and mutual sexual attraction between two individuals. Kismeses do NOT "hate each other but love each other on the inside"; it's TRUE hate, felt equally by both parties. This is called a caliginous relationship.

The term was coined in the webcomic Homestuck, written by Andrew Hussie, and refers to one of many forms of romance of an alien species known as trolls.

Though fueled by rivalry, defeating or killing your kismesis is discouraged since that would obviously end the relationship. Kismeses must be equally matched for the rivalry to be fulfilling; if one consistently bests the other neither will feel the satisfaction of competition. Sexual attraction is a part of this as well; kismeses may engage in hatesex.

Kismesissitude can be either healthy or abusive. A caliginous relationship must involve mutual respect, admiring each other's strengths even while hating one another. If the relationship makes one or both parties feel inferior, it's unhealthy. Kismesissitude should encourage each individual to improve themselves so that they may surpass one another; if both parties do this, both will continue to grow trying to match one another.

It was previously thought that only trolls could develope caliginous feelings for one another, but recent updates in the Homestuck webcomic suggest that a troll and a human may be able to form kismesissitude.

Also known as blackrom, black romance, hatemance, and caliginous romance.
I need to get stronger to maintain my kismesissitude; my kismesis is starting to get the upper hand. This ought to be fun....
by Aiamai The AI Robot June 08, 2015
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