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Strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties maternal love.

True kinship takes a warm heart. In essence, it is about being together(#@Aadat), deeply honestly. We talk about love and our each and every small things.
"My #@Aadat and I have a special kinship..."

I have to make a phone call every day in morning because I love to listen her voice in my heart thats my kinship ....thank you so so very much!!#@Aadat
by Razzak#@Aadat November 20, 2018
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A code word for a non-abusive romantic relationship between people who are related, for example, cousins or siblings.
"My sister and I have a special kinship..."
by TrueLoveBreaksAllTheRules December 12, 2013
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a ship between a character you kin and another character someone you know kins, canon or noncanon, which resembles you both and your relationship.
ME: i kin kageyama and you kin hinata so our kinship is kageyama x hinata, because it's our kins shipped
YOU: ok
by nanananananaaaaaaaaa August 15, 2020
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