When someone or something Judges someone else’s kink/fetish.
Person 1: I have a daddy kink
Person 2: That’s disgusting

Person 1: Are you kinkshaming me?
Person 2: Kinkshaming is my kink.
by BiG DiCk EnErGy July 28, 2018
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to judge someone for a questionable act or interest
Person 1: Sometimes I like to stand outside in the rain and cry so no one can see my tears

Person 2: uhhh....ok

Person 1: Are you kinkshaming me?

Person 2: No of course not >.>
by Silver Sinner May 4, 2019
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When someone shames a fetish/kink
When I told Jessica about my chin fetish, she started kinkshaming me
by totallynotanerd_jr December 12, 2015
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Kink shaming is used to when a person is degrading or speaking negatively of someone's kink interest.
Person 1: I'm into being called daddy

Person 2: That's it, I'm kinkshaming

example 2

Person 1: Man, vore is so gross
person 2: Don't kinkshame
by EmieChii January 12, 2016
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To insult or make someone feel ashamed about a particular kink.
Guy: my old girlfriend used to kinkshame me all the time because I liked doing dirty things while dressed like a schoolgirl.
by Stressed bisexual December 11, 2015
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Disrespecting or disregarding one's personal needs, feelings, or likewise based on what they get off to.
Stephanie was Kinkshaming Mckenzie the other day. Whats wrong with Ipecac videos anyway?
by GasperLeeFuzz November 11, 2015
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a word invented by people who feel the need to defend and normalize their disgusting/repulsive fetishes that are otherwise indefensible

example: scat, rape, vore, cbt, snuff
person 1: I like seeing someone shit in another persons mouth while they rape them
person 2: thats fucking disgusting, the fuck is wrong with you?
person 1: well... scat is not..... its not that..... uh.... STOP KINKSHAMING!!!!!!
by person from 2022 July 31, 2022
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