A King of Spades is a Black Man in the interracial swinging lifestyle.
The King of Spades leads the Queen of Spades, whom is white and her significant other is known as the Jack of Spades. Again who is white.
He's definitely a King of Spades with the white women.
by Hotwife May 28, 2018
a racial epithet used for particularly dimwitted black men. though there are many slurs to pick from, this one gives the insulted a sort of job like title.
Tyrone performed a B&E last night in rich part of the suburbs, and left with the family's big screen. He is the king of spades.
coon nigga black spook jigaboo
by vms August 29, 2015
one of the best bands ever the mebers are D-Loc and Richter who are also part of KMK or Kottonmouth Kings
This Dat Beat is one of the best King Spade songs
by Spaded Jaded And Faded August 13, 2007