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It has been prophesied throughout many cultures dating as far back as the ancient aztecks that a Great war will erupt between The Soulless Full bloods, and The half-souled Daywalkers in the year 2024. This war will bring about great destruction to all the lands of the earth with the near extinction of the dimwitted blondes. "And all the souls of the earth shall tremble in fear for where the soulless ones walk, no souls shall remain" Book of Wruce Bayne, ch. 1.

"Yet from all this devastation a champion will arise from the Daywalker clan, One that will bring about Peace amongst the other races and the end of the Full Blood ginger Tyranny, And this Half souled Ginger shall be known as, King Ginger, Born in the month of march of 1989 on the twenty seventh day, with hair that burns with of a fire and the power of awesomeness" -Ghandii, 1884.

So has it been written in prophesy, so shall it be done
The king ginger has brought salvation and peace to the lands!!! Let us rejoice with jello shots and crack off strippers stomaches!
by King Red Man August 28, 2013
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The King Ginger is a title given only to a few select gingers. Mainly those who exhibit an excess of ginger awesomeness. They must be widely liked, dashingly handsome, witty, and an all around ginger badass. This is a man that represents the ginger community around him. His reputation often preceds him, allowing for many people to know of him before he has ever even been seen. When in his presence many will suddenly feel adventurous or threatened...this is perfectly normal.
Girl: "Wow so I heard this guy, this ginger, is awesome."

Another Girl: "YEAH! I know i've seen him...he was tuly deeserving of his awesome title."

Girl: " Whats his title?"

Another Girl: " KING GINGER!!"

King Ginger: "...Its good to be king"
by King Ginger March 19, 2009
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