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The "bees knees". The greatest. Man with a successful record in shagging.

A brand of spanner or wrench. (Mentioned in the film 'The World's fastest Indian' by Sir Anthony Hopkins who plays Burt Munro).

A large tool.
That guy from Meir Park thinks he's King Dick!

I've lost my King Dick so how am I going to remove these nuts?

Look at the size of my king Dick!
by Paul Bell August 11, 2006
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The king of being a dick, aka the biggest douche you will ever meet. Everything about this dumb motherfucker represents dick like behavior which includes date raping bitches, being on drugs 24/7, selling drugs to kids, being as loud and annoying as fucking possible, acting superior while having an IQ lower than a brick, and bullying anyone who's different and doesn't follow the mindless swarm of drug addicts. He is someone with really high popularity among his school group even though he doesn't deserve the slightest fucking speck of it. However, if he were to suddenly die or get killed, nobody would care because people only hang out with him to look cool and not get bullied. After he drops out of high school or college (if he even gets that far), he'll end up working at the shittiest jobs possible while working for the people he bullied in high school.
Druggie: "Woah, that's so awesome!"
Me: "I fucking hate you."
by Dubiks August 21, 2018
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