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A small town located in Southern California. Population of 11,000, 95% Mexican, 4% White Rich Cowboys, 1% Other. You can find many paisas roaming the streets in their riced out cars. Probably one of the most boring cities in the nation.
"Dude, I'm heading over to King City to hit a party!"
"King City sucks!"
by Nasty Massey March 26, 2004
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King City is not in Southern Cali, it's in Central Cali. The cutoff line is in Delano (the valley). $crap town, but the Norte still putz it down. No economy whatsoever....they tried to build some nice houses to attract people or something, then the economy took a shit, so that didn't work. Home to tons of $craps, wannabe $craps, and most of all, the paisas. Also ridiculous rich white kids....people in King City think you're royalty if you have the name Hearne, Metz, Meyer, Nino, Bray, Escobar (all names of ranchers that founded the small ass town or feed store presitigious!). Increased gang violence in the past few years....but few arrests, cuz no one talks. The only thing going on is.....nothing. Everyone, and I mean everyone from KC gets fucked up, cuz that's the only thing you do. If you're from KC, you still get fucked up. A lot of people don't make it out, sadly. The town to the south, Lockwood, is much better. KC breeds a person that gets fucked up, doesn't care about shit, gets in fights, acts rowdy, and then remains that way for life. But it's home, so some of us, even if we don't want to, still like it.
"what you bang, homie"

"King City MKL, buster"

"pop pop pop....another $crapa dead"
by LOCKWOOD GANG September 25, 2009
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