Michael Jackson is the King of Pop.
He wowed the world with his moonwalk, voice, and creative music videos.
Michael is, and forever will be, THE King of Pop.
Thriller Billie Jean Beat It Moonwalk Legend MJ Bad King of Pop
by Court025 December 30, 2010
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Johnny wants to grow up just like the King of Pop and live at Neverland and ride on the Neverland train
by James November 24, 2004
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This was the title given to the late Michael Jackson, forever the King of Pop. Jackson earned the nickname ‘King of Pop’ after a comment from Elizabeth Taylor.

Officially there is no monarchy for music, and hence no line of succession. Musical monarchies are just a marketing title and have nothing to do with a ruling class of any sort.
Although Jackson successfully filled this title, becoming the most renowned pop star of all time, Kanye West has jumped next in line to claim the title, for some bizarre reason.
Michael Jackson is and will always be the King of Pop.

First there was Elvis, then there was Michael, now in the 21st century its Kanye’s time to rule... I am the new King of Pop.
by Epocode August 3, 2009
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The word used to describe producer, singer, dancer, Brandon Arreaga.
Girl 1: Do you know who Brandon Arreaga is from PRETTYMUCH?
@africanbootyqueen: yes he’s the king of pop, we been knew this already 😳
by africanbootyqueen February 21, 2019
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Michael Jackson is the king of pop. He has over 4,8 billion fans and he is know worldwide
Do you know who Michael Jackson is? He is the king of pop
by michaeljacksonswife February 24, 2022
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