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A well known member of the Almighty Latin King / Queen Nation, suspected of having strong ties to other similar organizations and individuals of powerful and influential reputation.
King Snow, born in Colorado, rose to a position of considerable power between the late 1990's well into 2008
by which time he had achieved a presence on the streets that had almost granted him status as a real life urban legend.
Surviving a assassination attempt in 2004, a series of legal attacks and harassment by corrupt police officials and several personal setbacks of a emotionally traumatic nature he emerged unscathed and in the views of his enemies was rumored to be the next "teflon Don" (a nickname given to Mob Boss John Gotti due to his ability to beat charges and attempts on his life).
King Snow was later signed with a Colorado Rap label, published in several magazines, given speeches in three countries and continues to influence urban culture.
Almighty King Snow gives a new definition to the phrase "Absolute Power"!
by Joseph McMullen April 10, 2008
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